The Library & The Web

Sometimes the hardest part about research is just getting started. Two places to begin looking for information are in library sources and on the Web.

the web & the library

When you think about libraries the first things that come to mind are probably printed materials such as books and magazines. Libraries also provide access to resources like full text magazine articles, periodical indexes and online encyclopedias.

Libraries collect quality information in a wide variety of formats. Many electronic resources are accessible through a Web browser. Academic libraries purchase these sources for their "community" of students, faculty and staff to use. These resources are different than most of the information that is freely available to you over the Web because they have been reviewed and recommended by the library.

Alternately, no one individual or group dictates what information is acceptable for the Web or how it should be presented. This lack of authority allows many people to publish their opinions, ideas and creative works. While this information may be interesting, some of it may not be useful for academic research.

For your research, you will probably save yourself time and find more quality information if you begin with library resources and then move to the Web if you need more information or other points of view.

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