The final section of this module is an 8 question quiz.

If you would like to review the module before taking the quiz, press the button below.

Otherwise, go ahead with the quiz...

After reading the question, choose your answer and click the submit button. Occasionally the question is a bit longer than the frame and you might have to scroll down to find the submit button.

TILT will then display a response to your answer. Read the response, then click the link to the next question.

You can take the quiz as many times as you wish, but you must go all the way through before re-trying any questions.

The last page of the quiz displays a summary of your answers, along with your name and the date you took the quiz.

Please note: If you are taking the quiz as part of a class assignment, be sure to print a copy of your results to hand in to your instructor. The name you enter on this page will print at the top of your quiz results.

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