Search Engine
Which Search Engine?

Every search engine is different, from the way you search it to what it contains. How can you choose a good search engine? Ask yourself:

  1. What type of information is in this search engine?
  2. How is this search engine organized?

Most search engines collect all sorts of Web pages on a wide variety of topics in their vast databases. All large and general search engines, such as Altavista and Google, allow you to search by keyword. Some, like Yahoo and Excite, also organize sites into subject categories. These subject categories are great if you are looking for a site that has information on a general topic.

Specialized search engines are sometimes organized around a type of material, like newspaper articles or stock market quotes; or they may search pages on a particular subject, such as medical or travel information. Search engines are good sources for your research because they may provide site reviews or only include those Web pages that have verified information.

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