What if you retrieved a citation that doesn't have the HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text designation?

You can still obtain articles that aren't available full text by finding out if a library owns a paper subscription of the magazine or journal in which the article appears. Then, you can go to that library and read or photocopy the article you want. If you have time to wait, Cypress College Library might be able to have another library mail or fax a copy of the article to you for a fee.

For example, if you were looking for this article:

"Internet Hoaxes: Don't Believe Everything You Read." By: Kowalski, Kathiann M.. Odyssey, Dec2000, Vol. 9 Issue 9, p34, 2p; (AN 3819405).

You would search the library catalog for the title of the periodical (Odyssey), not the title of the article ("Internet Hoaxes: Don't Believe Everything You Read"). If Cypress College didn't own the magazine, you could search the catalogs of other area libraries (even Cal State Fullerton or Cal State Long Beach) to see if they had a copy of the magazine. Then, you could go there yourself and get the article or request that it be sent to you via Inter Library Loan.

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